Indigenous inclusion in the legal world

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018 - 14:00
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Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion
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CCDI prides itself on providing engaging and interactive education. Attendees participating in this webcast will have the opportunity to ask questions during the question and answer session for which accreditation is sought. Additionally, attendees are engaged through a variety of interactive means - such as whiteboards and polling - to ensure active participation and challenge their understanding of the subject.

Licensees working for one of CCDI's Employer Partners are able to watch the recorded version of this webcast through our Knowledge Portal. Attendees viewing the content in this form are encouraged to send follow up questions to the presenters through an email address provided as part of the recording.

Within this discussion is not only the question of how to increase representation in the workforce but also how to foster a stronger understanding of Indigenous cultures and world view within legal environments.  This introductory webinar will briefly discuss Indigenous world view, debunk some myths about Indigenous peoples in Canada, and provide some data on promising practices legal firms are exhibiting in working toward Indigenous inclusion.

This course was available as a live webinar in both English (April 24) and French (April 25). The webinar is now available for rebroadcast for those working for CCDI Employer Partners through CCDI's Knowledge Portal. Please see program agenda for more information.

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