Dal Law Hour ft. The Honourable Justice Sheila Ray

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Event date: 
Thursday, March 1, 2018 - 12:30 to 13:30
Name of Organization: 
Dalhousie Law Hour
Contact Email: 
Weldon Law Building, Room 105

Dalhousie Law Hour provides a one hour lecture each week geared at engaging our student body and surrounding community with presentations from prominent legal, academic, and political minds of the day.This forum provides an excellent opportunity to connect the legal issues and ideas learned in law school with how the law actually works in everyday life. Law Hour has been an institution at Dalhousie since the 1960's and has had tremendous support from students, faculty and members of the community. 

This Law Hour will feature a talk from The Honourable Justice Sheila Ray. 

Justice Sheila Ray is a Judge of the Ontario Court of Justice, appointed April 1992. Prior to, she was the legal advisor to the Federal Department of Justice on criminal justice and regulatory reform initiatives. Justice Ray has presided on all criminal matters, and has a special interest in courts where restorative justice approaches are used, including Gladue (Aboriginal) Court and the Mental Health Court. She has been incorporating the recommendations of Aboriginal sentencing circles into probation orders since the early days of her appointment to the Bench, before the Gladue case was decided, and before Gladue Court was created. She is a frequent presenter at legal education and public legal education events, and has written articles on access to justice and restorative approaches to sentencing. 

FREE PIZZA will be provided.