So You’re Going to Mediation…How to Do It Right!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 01:00
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Seminar Partners

Sooner or later, most litigators will advise and represent a client at mediation. Unfortunately, few litigators have ever received formal training in mediation advocacy. This, despite the fact, that inadequate preparation by counsel almost always guarantees a poor result. So what makes a good mediation advocate? This brand new webinar is designed to educate litigators about the unique preparation that mediation requires, and to provide practical instruction for how to competently and effectively represent a party in mediation.Using real-world examples from their 4,500 plus mediations, Brian Gibbard and Paul Taberner will share proven strategies and techniques to help you get the most out of mediation and maximize results for your client. Topics include what you should know about your own case and the other side’s case; settlement options to consider; who should attend the mediation; what to include in pre-mediation submissions; the offer-counteroffer process; what to disclose to the mediator and when to speak away from the mediator; how mediators break deadlocks; and, do’s and don’ts of confirming settlement terms.Being diligent and thorough in preparing for mediation, and knowing how to effectively participate in mediation, are essential to a successful outcome. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn these important skills.