Exploring Provincial and Municipal Delegation of Authority

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Event date: 
Friday, October 21, 2016 - 12:00
Name of Organization: 
Ontario Bar Association
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Twenty Toronto Street Conferences and Events, Toronto ON

Provincial statutes confer significant and various powers, duties and functions on Minsters of the Crown.  The Municipal Act, 2001 authorizes municipalities to delegate powers and duties under that and other Acts. Join us to unravel the complexities of delegation of authority at both the provincial and municipal levels, including:

  • Is a Minister required to perform every statutory responsibility? If not, who may do so and subject to what limitations?
  • How do municipalities delegate responsibilities under the Municipal Act, 2001?
  • What are the risks associated with delegations of authority, and how can these risks be mitigated?
  • Best practices to avoid concerns about an absence of authority 
  • What is the designated administrative authority model and what are its implications?