Elder Mediation Training: The magic of elder mediation

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Event date: 
Friday, February 26, 2016 (All day) to Sunday, February 28, 2016 (All day)
Name of Organization: 
Elder Mediation Institute
Contact Email: 
St Mary's University, Halifax

The advancing age of our population combined with the belief that all people deserve quality of life has resulted in issues of aging steadily finding their way into the field of Mediation. This training will utilize learnings from evidence-based knowledge. What happens in Elder Mediation, what families declare works best for them, why it works and what needs to be implemented and improved in the future, will be discussed. This introductory course will combine an interdisciplinary study of the theoretical foundations of Elder Mediation along with practical skills development. Through the development of concepts regarding Elder Mediation theory, integrated with skill building opportunities, participants will explore: 

  • Intergenerational dynamics 
  • Elder Mediation Issues 
  • The process of Elder Mediation 
  • Elder abuse, neglect & power, ageism
  • Legal & capacity issues 
  • Code of professional conduct 
  • Skills training 
Who can attend: Mediators, lawyers, physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, educators, case managers, clergy, pastoral care workers and other health care professionals wishing to enhance their knowledge and mediation skills in this emerging area. The sessions will be responsive to questions and issues raised by participants.  
  • $645.00 (if paid by Feb. 5)
  • $695.00 (if paid after Feb. 5) 
All hours eligible for credit toward Elder Mediation Certification (FMC & EMIN) and toward other “Specialized Mediation and Related Training” requirements such as the “Qualified Mediator (Q. Med)” designation adopted by the ADR Institute of Canada.
Register by contacting judy@peopleconcepts.ca 
About Judy M. Beranger, MA, CCFE, Cert.CFM, Cert.EM: International trainer, best-selling author, guest lecturer and certified with both Family Mediation Canada’s comprehensive family mediation and elder mediation, Judy pioneered training for elder mediators and drafted the first code of conduct for elder mediators. Judy is a past president of Family Mediation Canada and Elder Mediation International Network (EMIN), and is involved in several research initiatives on elder mediation. She is EMIN’s Chair of Summits and has led 7 World Summits on Elder Mediation.