Pink Larkin Restorative Workplace Investigation Workshop Part I

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Event date: 
Friday, November 13, 2015 (All day)
Name of Organization: 
Pink Larkin
Contact Email: 
1463 South Park Street, Suite 201, Halifax

It's one thing to understand the mechanics of a workplace investigation. It's another thing to conduct a workplace investigation that not only gathers the relevant information, but also gets to the root cause of a problem in the workplace and protects workplace relationships.

This workshop is for senior human resources practitioners who wish to more than simply protect their organization from potential and costly legal liability arising from allegations of employee misconduct such as harassment, bullying or workplace violence. This senior-level workshop will discuss the mechanics and best practices of an investigation and highlight both employer legal obligations and opportunities to restore workplace relationships at each step of the investigation. This will be done with a intent of moving your investiation beyond a set of check-offs and toward the goal of restoring and/or building respectful and healthy workplace cultures.

This workshop will be in two parts, the second to take place May 13. Cost for the first session is $300. Both sessions are $500.

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