Anatomy for Lawyers

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Event date: 
Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - 10:00
Name of Organization: 
Seminar Partners
Toronto, Ontario

About the Program:

Lawyers are trained to recognize or defeat theories of liability but medical issues, such as causation and damages, play an equally important role. Without an understanding of medical matters, you’re at a disadvantage when cross-examining a health care professional or trying to explain or disprove an injury.

To efficiently and effectively handle a medical injury case, you need enhanced knowledge and skills. Sam Hodge is your most effective guide to achieving them. In plain-English, and with a sharp focus on the challenges you face in your law practice, Sam makes practical, case-clarifying sense of complicated medical injuries, terms and conditions. Illustrated with vivid photos and detailed video, this program carefully and thoughtfully covers all of the details you need to know to properly assess and articulate your case, including the parts of the body most susceptible to injury (and how those injuries most often occur), how diagnoses are made, and the practical details of medical tests and surgical procedures. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to enhance your ability to evaluate injury cases and to prosecute or defend them.