Navigating Ethical Challenges in Employment Law Mediation

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Event date: 
Monday, November 3, 2014 - 08:00 to 10:30
Name of Organization: 
Ontario Bar Association
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Toronto / Online

Given the prevalence of mandatory mediation and the high cost of litigation, mediation is a pivotal step in employment law disputes. Mediation in the employment context raises an array of tricky ethical issues to keep you up at night: Should you disclose facts that are harmful to your case to the mediator? How do you handle a client that instructs you not to disclose key evidence? How do you broach the issue of mitigation evidence? Are you ethically obligated to draw the mediator’s attention to damaging information that opposing counsel or the mediator may have overlooked? Are there any exceptions to the confidential nature of mediation?

Join us for this highly interactive program to get essential guidance on how to deal with these and other ethical challenges that arise in employment law mediations. Gain practical experience by actively participating in a mock mediation under the guidance of highly-regarded practitioners and mediators. Hear from our expert panel as they share their insights and strategies on how to navigate the grey areas and become a more effective mediation advocate.

Gain the knowledge, insight and experience to tackle your next mediation with confidence. Register now!


Jules B. Bloch, Mediation/Arbitration Inc.
Lisa Feld, Lisa Feld Mediator
Peter Israel, Israel Foulon, LLP
Catherine Milne, TurnpenneyMilne LLP


David T.A. Côté, Côté and Company
Lisa Feinberg, WeirFoulds LLP