Workplace Discipline & Terminations 2014: Workshop B (Oct 1)

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014 - 13:00 to 16:00
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Workplace Dispute Resolution and Mediation – Current Best Practices

Experiencing some level of conflict in the workplace is normal and to be expected. Today’s Canadian workforce is diverse in multiple ways and thus employees bring with them different experiences, values, and beliefs. The workforce is changing and a positive and constructive workplace environment will be dependent on the willingness and ability of staff members to accept this diversity and work within these changing parameters.

More and more employers are designing and accommodating processes and structures for early and effective resolution of conflict at the workplace so that improved tolerance, communication, engagement and harmony will result and thereby minimizing distractions and interruptions to the workplace objectives, while improving the quality of work-life for all concerned.

This workshop will explore the various approaches and steps for workplace conflict and dispute resolution, providing an introduction and primer on the subject for those new to the field and a refresher for those who would like to go back to the first principles and renew their approaches.

  • Key elements of a workplace dispute resolution policy
  • Implementation and development process
  • Communication of the objectives and the process
  • Buy-in and staff participation
  • Training and facilitation
  • Internal vs. external facilitation and mediation
  • Steps and milestones in the process
  • Case studies and examples

The objective of workplace dispute resolution policies and processes is to provide a clear and effective mechanism to facilitate successful and timely resolution of disputes. Having these policies and processes in place and effectively implementing them will help to avoid an escalation of conflict and lead to a stronger, healthier, more tolerant and productive workplace environment.

Attend this workshop to receive step by step analysis of the key elements and implementation approaches for effectively tackling disputes, mediating conflict and avoiding escalations in workplace tensions.