Eastern College paralegal students seeking internships

Paralegal students at Eastern College are seeking four-week unpaid internships for the upcoming timeframes:

Starting dates:

  • February 22 (4 weeks)
  • March 7 (4 weeks)

Internship description:

Students are expected to complete a four-week unpaid internship as part of their diploma program. The internship is designed to provide the student with on the job experience and a chance to utilize their newly acquired skills. The students are expected to treat the internship as they would a paid position and are required to adhere to the company policies of the host employer which includes following an agreed upon work schedule. Employers are asked to provide exposure to, and experience in, the areas of interest relevant to paralegal field while providing and appropriate level of supervision while tasks are being executed. 

Learning expectations:

  • To be trained on policies and procedures for the firm/organization;
  • To interact with lawyers, administrative or other legal support staff;
  • To train on firm or department’s computer systems;
  • To train on firm’s filing system;
  • To be exposed to daily tasks such as typing, administration, dictation, and/or research and case file preparation; and
  • To observe interaction with clients.

Please contact:

Angela Grant, Employment Specialist