DOJ: Online Access to Estate Management Data

The Nova Scotia Department of Justice has embarked on a project that will enable lawyers, their assistants and paralegals to conduct estate searches by remotely accessing online the Department’s estate management system (EMA) for inquiry purposes only. This project is the first step with the ultimate goal being to provide full electronic filing in the future.

This initial access will allow you to search for estate information available on the EMA system. It will also allow you to view many actual filed estate documents, including wills, which have been uploaded into Filenet and made available on the EMA system. Please note that the scanning and uploading of filed probate documents is ongoing and only a portion of the filed probate documents are currently available at this time. The department is currently scanning and uploading documents for all new estates being filed.

I would like to welcome you to this service should you wish to participate. As a participant, you will be provided with access to the Nova Scotia estate management system (EMA) for an initial annual flat fee of $100.00. To participate, you will require a computer and Internet access (at your own cost). Access to this data will be provided with an approximate implementation date of July 18, 2016.

If you wish to participate in this initiative, which will allow you to access the estate management data from your home or office, please contact us at You will be provided with a proposed user agreement to review and sign, if you wish to apply. Once you submit a signed user agreement and cheque, you will receive a user ID and password, together with instructions on accessing the service.

We are working continuously to improve the quality of this new service and would welcome you to advise us in the event you discover any discrepancies or other issues with the uploaded documents by reporting same to