Creation of one nursing regulator in Nova Scotia

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The joint boards of the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Nova Scotia (CLPNNS) and the College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia (CRNNS) have voted to work towards the creation of one nursing regulator for the province of Nova Scotia. This historic decision enables both organizations to join together to strengthen our commitment to Nova Scotians through an enhanced consistent, efficient and collaborative approach to nursing regulation.

What does this mean to nurses across Nova Scotia? While the boards, staff and operations of the two regulators will ultimately merge to create one nursing regulator, each category of nurse – LPNs, NPs and RNs – will remain distinct as they are now with their own standards, scopes of practice and unique roles within the nursing profession. This decision means that LPNs, NPs and RNs will all be regulated by the same new college.

We have been working to ensure members are kept informed of developments throughout this process of exploration, which began in the fall of 2015, and we are committed to doing so in the future. While it is still early in the process, immediate action will be taken to establish board and operational advisory groups to work on future planning that will include setting deliverables and establishing milestones. This will include a formal request to government to seek approval for new legislation to form one nursing regulator.

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Ruth Whelan, MN RN
CRNNS President


Jacqueline MacCallum, LPN
CLPNNS Board Chair