COVID-19 FAQ: Someone in our office tested may test positive causing everyone to self-isolate. What should we do?

Be Prepared

With the current government requirements and the spread, this is likely to happen to firms who have imminent transactions. Be prepared for it.

“Harden” your operations to prevent a positive test from creating last-minute chaos. One good way to do so is to return to remote closings during this wave.

There are now different ways to transfer money that don’t rely on a physical cheque. Review our advice on EFTs, bank drafts and wires and this additional resource.

If you do have to meet your clients, use hand sanitizer, masks, and ample social distancing.

To limit the impact of an exposure in the office, rotate lawyers and staff so that some work from home when others are in the office and vice versa.  

Your office shuts down

Switch, as much as possible, to remote closings.

Don’t be afraid to phone a lawyer friend for help. This might happen if, for example, you have to self-isolate and cannot check client ID.

Be prepared to accommodate others where possible. It won’t always be possible, if there is a chain of transactions in particular. Dr Strang and Premier Houston have asked us all to “slow down.”