Council Election

2019 Council Election

As the profession's governing body, Council sets the Society's strategic direction, strives for excellence in regulation and ensures the Society acts in the public interest. Council members lead the Society and lend their voices and unique insights to decisions that impact Nova Scotia's legal profession. 

Council elections occur every odd-numbered calendar year and are an opportunity to seek a diversity of representation as the Society continues to provide leadership, value and support to a competent, ethical, inclusive and engaged legal profession.

The Society has a two-phase Council election process. First, the District Election elects practising members geographically from around the province. The second phase is the At-Large Election which elects both practising and non-practising members to fill in existing gaps on Council as the Society seeks a diversity of representation.

Details of the Society’s election process are outlined in the Society’s Regulations 2.4 (District Elections), 2.5 (At Large Elections), and 2.6 (Second Vice-President Elections).

Nominations are open for the Society's District Election & for the Second-Vice President until February 15, 2019. 

A Word from your President

Frank DeMont QC

2019 is a Council election year.

If you are interested in leading the Society in how it undertakes its mandate, you should consider running for Council.

Council needs individuals who have experience or are committed to working in such areas as regulation, governance, and access to justice or equity matters, who are strategic thinkers with strong communication skills, who come from diverse backgrounds and areas of practice, who are of unquestionable integrity and respectful of others, and who may have held leadership roles in other organizations (e.g. board member, mentor, volunteer coach, etc.).  

The Society has moved into the new era of legal services regulation and has been applying a Proactive, Principled and Proportionate (Triple P) approach to regulation. Council has also committed the Society to enhancing access to legal services and promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in the legal profession and justice system.

The Society will continue its commitment to innovation in the delivery of legal services and promotion of equity, all with the intention of regulating the profession in the public interest.

I urge all lawyers to consider running for Council and taking on one of the most important roles we have to ensure continued self-governance of an independent legal profession. For some it may be a step outside of their comfort zone. I expect that most who have done so have found the work rewarding.

I particularly want to encourage lawyers from equity-seeking communities to consider running as we aim to increase diversity among Council Members to better represent the makeup of our Bar. 

Please consider putting your name forward in the upcoming Council elections. 

Read the President's letter here

District Election Nominations

District Elections Map

Ten Council members will be elected across the province from the following districts:

- two from the Cape Breton District
- two from the Central District
- two from the Southwestern District
- four from the Halifax District 

Any member in good standing who resides in Nova Scotia is eligible to nominate and vote for a candidate in their district.

District election nominations are open until February 15, 2019. 

Voting will be open from March 4, 2019 to March 18, 2019. 

District Election Voting

Voting for all elections is held electronically. Voting for the District Election will open March 4, 2019 and will close March 18, 2019 at 5:00 PM. When voting opens, members will receive a direct email with instructions on how to cast their electronic ballot. 

All members in good standing who are residents of Nova Scotia may vote for Council members in their specific district. A member's district is indicated by their current mailing address on file at the Society (see Eligibility to Vote under Regulation 2.4.3). 

At-Large Election

The At-Large Election, the second phase of the Society's election process, seeks to fill existing gaps on Council. All members in good standing, both practising and non-practising, are eligible to run in the At-Large Election. This election phase seeks a diversity of representation and aligns with the strategic goal set by Council to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in the legal profession and justice system. 

Nominations for the At-Large Election will be open from March 19 to April 1, 2019, with the election running from April 15 to April 22, 2019. 

For more information: 

Please contact the Society's Governance Officer, Julia Schabas via email at or call 902-377-6344. Your message will be returned within two business days.