Complaint process

Navigating the professional responsibility and complaints process can be challenging and intimidating if you don’t know what to expect when the Society receives and, if necessary, investigates a complaint against you.

The Society provides a number of resources to assist lawyers in understanding how these processes work. Complaints are addressed in a fair and timely manner. Your cooperation makes a difference.

Read The Complaints Resolution and Investigation Process: A Lawyer’s Guide to find out what happens when the Society receives a complaint by telephone or in writing. The Guide includes a detailed overview of the process and potential outcomes, including explanations of referrals to the Complaints Investigation Committee, hearings and the Fitness to Practise Program.

The complaints and investigation process is also set out in Part III of the Legal Profession Act, and Part 9 of the Regulations made pursuant to the Act. Also review these other resources to assist lawyers, including the pro bono or reduced fee services for members under investigation, and Guidelines respecting Lawyers’ Voluntary or Involuntary Cessation of Practice.