Certificates and Letters of Good Standing

At any time, members may find they require documentation from the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society advising a third party of their membership standing, discipline history or other information. There are two ways that this can be completed – either with a Certificate of Standing or by a Letter of Good Standing.

Note that some recipients may not accept Certificates of Standing that do not come directly from a law society. It is the member’s responsibility to verify this information with the relevant parties prior to submitting their application in order to avoid delays and / or additional fees.

Certificate of Standing

A Certificate of Standing confirms your membership and membership standing with the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society, and may include the following information:

  • any discipline or competency proceedings pending or taken against you, and the nature of the conduct that is the subject of the proceeding;
  • information on any misappropriation of funds or wrongful conversion of property, and whether any claims are pending before the Society;
  • whether your right to practise law is subject to restrictions or conditions, and whether or not such restrictions are voluntary or imposed by the Society.

A member may apply for a Certificate of Standing by submitting the Certificate of Standing Application to certstanding@nsbs.org with payment of the appropriate fee. 

Letter of Good Standing

A Letter of Good Standing is a basic version of the Certificate of Standing and will simply confirm your membership standing with the Society.

A member may apply for a Letter of Good Standing by submitting the Letter of Good Standing Application to certstanding@nsbs.org with payment of the appropriate fee.