Case Management: Increased Proportionality in Complex Litigation before the Federal Court

Please take note of Circular 04/2015, a Notice to the Profession regarding recommendations from the Federal Court Case Management Working Group. It was issued by the Honourable Paul Crampton, Chief Justice of the Federal Court, on June 25 and published on the Courts Administration Service website.

The Working Group, composed of judges and prothonotaries, was tasked by the Chief Justice to consult with the Bar and make recommendations for improving case management of actions. Several initiatives were considered, including earlier involvement of trial judges; streamlining and limiting oral examinations for discovery; limits on interlocutory motions and appeals with respect to pleadings and discovery issues; earlier exploration of settlement and expanding the use of case management.

The initial recommendations are designed to modernize and improve practice and procedure, with the overarching goal of achieving increased proportionality in proceedings before the Court. Additional matters will be the subject of future consultation and Notices to the Profession.