Seeking fulfilling articling position 2018-2019 term

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I visited Nova Scotia in January and have fallen in love with its beautiful landscape and people. I would love to return to live there after graduation.

For a long time I did not have any enthusiasm about litigation, but my willingness to explore new experiences exposed me to some of the most interesting and thrilling moments of my life in front of a podium. It all began with Manitoba Metis Federation v Canada, and since then, I have taken every chance to participate in competitive mooting. This year I had the opportunity to represent Windsor Law in front of some of the most prominent environmental lawyers at the Willms & Shier national moot competition. 

My curiosity to learn and problem solve has often led me to interesting and fulfulling experiences. While volunteering at Community Legal Aid (CLA), a client who had fallen victim to a rogue paralegal approached our office seeking representation for their driver’s licence suspension. We were only retained on the latter matter and success seemed unlikely regarding restitution from the paralegal because we did not have any contact information for him. Despite the chances, I wanted to provide superior service to the client; I was proactive in my search and successfully tracked and reported the rogue paralegal and recovered the client’s money.

My CLA experience has inculcated the type of environment I seek in future employment. While we each independently manage our files, as colleagues, we collectively support each other and share our experiences in a relationship of mutual contribution and learning. I enjoy my work environment at CLA and a similar one for my article.

Thank you for your time.


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Saturday, July 8, 2017