Assistant Clerk, Nova Scotia House of Assembly, Office of the Speaker

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The Assistant Clerk of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly assists the Chief Clerk in all duties. The Assistant Clerk of the House of Assembly will be expected to:
  • Assist with the provision of accurate, comprehensive and timely procedural advice to the Speaker, Deputy Speakers, Committee Chairmen and Members of the Legislative Assembly, including the researching and drafting of rulings or statements for the Speaker and other presiding officers.
  • Ensure the proper conduct of the business of the Assembly by applying and ensuring that the appropriate rules and procedures are applied to all stages of the business of the Assembly in a consistent, fair and equitable manner as directed by the other Clerks of the House.
  • Communicate with and keep the Speaker aware of developments and possible situations which may arise and affect the business of the House and its committees, also to advise on procedural motions required for the business of the House, its committees and draft such motions when so directed.
  • Assist with the preparation, processing and maintaining the Journals and other permanent documents and records of the Assembly.
  • Assist with the management and functioning of the Standing Committees of the House and any Select Committees that are appointed from time to time, if so directed.
  • Assist with the application of the House of Assembly Act, and other provincial statutes that impact directly upon the business of the House and its Committees and assist with advising the Speaker, Members, officers of the House and employees on the application of these Acts.
  • Assist with the development of a daily agenda (Orders of the Day) for the Legislative Assembly, if so directed.
  • Maintain an awareness of procedural developments in other jurisdictions.
  • If so directed, do general research and study in recent parliamentary development and reform throughout Canada and the Commonwealth and specific research on particular problems and issues as they arise.
  • Assist in the arrangement of ceremonial events, conferences, seminars, dinners and itineraries for legislative functions and visiting delegations.  Also included are making arrangements to send delegations to out-of-province conferences and meetings, writing background papers, preparing itineraries and briefing delegates.
  • When requested, participate in the national activities of the Clerks-at-the-Table and the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association where there are intra-professional discussions and problem solving related to parliamentary affairs. This includes researching and writing papers for publication in Journals or for presentation to conferences and seminars.
  • Assist with the provision of information on the role and function of the Legislative Assembly. This includes the preparation and implementation of orientation seminars for new Speakers and Members, presentations and seminars for government departments, senior civil and public servants, Member’s staff, and answering inquiries from the general public, the press and from other jurisdictions, all when so directed.
  • May require cross training to perform similar duties to that of Legislative Counsel, as required by the Chief Clerk.
This position is suitable for a junior lawyer with 3+ years’ experience and a strong interest in pursuing a career in the functions and administration of parliament. The Assistant Clerk has strong writing skills, has an aptitude for detail and accuracy, is able to work closely with others, and is non-partisan.  Experience in a federal or provincial legislature; in administrative, constitutional and parliamentary law; and experience in parliamentary record keeping, procedural databases and inter-parliamentary relations would be assets. The Assistant Clerk is, or can become, a practising member of the Nova Scotia Bar. Significant evening and some weekend work will be required.  
Salary Range:
Solicitor 1-3 range depending on qualifications and experience
$70,224 - $113,363
Closing Date: February 3, 2015
Note: This position is full-time with a one year probationary period. This is not a Civil Service Position, however, this position receives benefits equivalent to Civil Servants.
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Expiry Date: 
Wednesday, February 4, 2015