Public Trustee - PNS Department of Justice, Competition #JH-1590HB-CB

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The Public Trustee is committed to the proper administration of estates of deceased persons, incompetent persons, children and missing persons. It is also committed to provide informed consents for health care, placement to a continuing care home or home care services using an approach that is client-centred, respectful of human rights and freedoms, and in the client’s best interests if prior wishes, values, and beliefs are not known. The Public Trustee of Nova Scotia is independent of government. It is set up as a corporation sole to protect the financial and personal well-being of its clients and offers a wide range of unique services. Its authority is set out in several provincial laws. The Public Trustee has Deputy Head status and for administrative purposes reports to the Attorney General. The Public Trustee is responsible for the sound business management of the Office of Public Trustee of Nova Scotia and to discharge the statutory obligations imposed by the Public Trustee Act by being fully accountable for all responsibilities established under the Act and other related legislation, and by delivering all statutory and judicially imposed services in a fair, reasonable and prudent manner. The Public Trustee: 

  1. manages estates of living persons who need services of a trustee, guardian, attorney or other fiduciary not readily available in the private section to such living persons;
  2. administers estates of deceased persons by exercising its statutory authorities;
  3. administers trust funds for children who are under the age of 19, the age of majority in Nova Scotia;
  4. may consent to act as litigation guardian, or representative in court, for litigation for minors, adults who are considered to be mentally incompetent, deceased persons, missing persons, or any others who are unable to represent themselves in court – unascertained litigants – when a court orders that someone must act as a substitute;
  5. may consent to health care decisions and nursing home placement decisions for incapable persons when consent cannot be obtained from the person, a named health care decision maker, a court appointed guardian of the person or a statutory decision maker;
  6. is accountable and responsible for the strategic investment and management of client trust funds and property totaling more than $52 million. Such investments must be made in accordance with the Trustee Act and all trustee laws;
  7. must prepare the annual financial statements which are included in the Public Trustee’s Annual Report and are filed in the House of Assembly.

The Public Trustee provides expert legal advice to the Minister of Justice on legislative and policy initiatives which affect the ability of the Public Trustee to serve its clients by keeping abreast of national legal developments, legislative reform and judicial decisions. The Public Trustee acts quasi-judicially in settling and approving trustee accounts, accounts of a private attorney under an enduring power of attorney and in investigating escheated or forfeited property.  


The successful candidate must be a practicing barrister with a minimum of 10 years’ experience at the Bar (required).  S/he must have experience in developing policies and procedures and establishing protocols for communications and liaison with government departments. The ability to provide competent, expert legal advice and services in matters relating to the Office of the Public Trustee is a requirement. The candidate must possess a thorough knowledge of estates and trust law; the Public Trustee Act and other related legislation. A minimum of five years’ work experience in the area of trusteeship, wills and estates, real property and real estate transactions is mandatory. The candidate must have demonstrated experience in managing and investing substantial investment funds, as well as a sound knowledge of accounting and financial interpretation. The incumbent must demonstrate strong executive leadership competencies and effective interactive communication. Partnering and relationship building as well as decisiveness and an outcomes focus are also required competencies.  S/he must have experience in the effective management of human and financial resources. Experience providing leadership and direction to a staff of independent minded professionals is an asset.

Qualified candidates who are interested in the position should send a covering letter and resume quoting Compettion # JH-1590HB to:
Career by November 20, 2014.

Expiry Date: 
Thursday, November 20, 2014