Unique Lawyer(s) opportunities – Options open for discussion

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We are a vibrant boutique law firm located in downtown Halifax which premises are owned by the firm. Presently, our firm consists of a senior member of the Bar and an ambitious young associate who is committed to the long term success of the firm. We are seeking a lawyer, possibly two, to join our firm and compliment our practice which primarily consists of corporate law, property law and wills and estates. 

This unique opportunity may appeal to anyone of the following: 

  1. An established lawyer with an existing practice who wishes to share and contribute to the management and operation of our firm and to participate in its future development; 
  2. An up and coming lawyer with a developing practice who may wish to expand his or her practice organically and/or through purchasing an interest in the firm; and  
  3. A lawyer who may wish to purchase an interest in the firm’s premises and thereby leverage his or her practice through a solid real estate holding. 

All opportunities are open for discussion. 

We wish to fill the position immediately. Serious applicants who value the benefits of a smaller firm and who wish to contribute to its future development, or own an interest in either the practice or its premises, may contact:

Gregory D. Auld, Q.C.,
or call him directly at (902) 492-3441

All enquiries will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Expiry Date: 
Saturday, November 1, 2014