Canadian Association of Legal Ethics releases new educational videos

On October 17, the Canadian Association of Legal Ethics released a set of educational videos in the field of Legal Ethics. The videos depict a variety of scenarios and ethical dilemmas commonly encountered by lawyers, highlighting the lawyer’s duties of confidentiality, competence and civility, the duty to avoid conflicts of interest and the lawyer’s role in enhancing access to justice.

Accompanied by teaching guides, the videos are intended to assist in the teaching of Legal Ethics in law school, in Bar Admissions programs and in Continuing Professional Development programs for lawyers. The videos were developed by Professors Brent Cotter, Richard Devlin and Jocelyn Downie and PhD student Colin Jackson.

“With the growing interest in Legal Ethics education in Canada, at all levels, we wanted to develop what we hope are imaginative, engaging and relevant learning materials for use by legal educators throughout the country and across the ‘continuum’ of legal education,” explains Brent Cotter.

The videos are hosted on the “Teaching Resources” portal of the Canadian Association of Legal Ethics website: They are available for use by legal educators through passwords obtainable from

The project was made possible through a grant from the Chief Justice of Ontario’s Advisory Committee on Professionalism and with financial support from the Centre for Teaching and Learning, Dalhousie University and from the Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University.

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Legal Feeds | October 20, 2014
by donalee Moulton