Applicants with foreign law degrees

Applicants with a foreign law degree, who seek admission to the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society, fall into two scenarios:

An overview of the application process is set out in the Internationally Trained Lawyers Pathway Diagram

If you have any questions or comments about the pathway document, please contact the Administrator, Education & Credentials at

A more detailed explanation of the requirements as well as related policies can be found in our Guide for Applicants with Foreign Law Degrees.

Are you an internationally trained lawyer interested in connecting with a legal workplace in Nova Scotia?

To connect to a legal workplace in Nova Scotia via the Observership Program, please contact the Manager, Equity & Access, at

For more information, the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS) website offers these helpful resources:

  • Working in your field > lawyers: This page offers a professional self-assessment tool and other useful suggestions and links for internationally trained lawyers.  
  • Career Pathway Loan Fund: A community-based partnership that provides support services for internationally trained workers to overcome financial barriers in the foreign credential recognition process, and to assist them in their return to work.
  • You may also wish to contact the Internationally Trained Lawyers Group. More information about this group can be found in the Guide for Applicants with Foreign Law Degrees.

Review the NSBS Guide for new lawyers