Bar Admissions Form

Please carefully review the below information before completing this form. Upon submission, an automated response including your attached files will be emailed to the address you provide.


1. Personal/Scroll Information This section provides updated contact and employment information upon your admission. This section also indicates how you would like your scroll to read. You’re welcome to record any city that you identify with; hometown, or otherwise.

2. Oath on Admission: You are required to either swear (for example, on a Qur’an or bible) or affirm the Oath on Admission; it is optional to either swear or affirm the Oath of Allegiance. Every applicant must first take the Oath on Admission in either English or French.

Applicants may then take the Oath again in another language. Applicants wishing to take the Oath in a language other than English, French, or Mi’kmaq should advise the Society as soon as possible as we may need to engage the services of an official translator.

You are not required to memorize the Oath; a hardcopy will be provided to you at the ceremony. If you choose to swear your Oath, and would like to use a book other than the Bible or the Qur’an, please advise the Society as soon as possible.

3. Biography: A short biography is required for NSBS records, and for document filing at the Law Courts. Biographies are printed in the June ceremony program, and a condensed version will be read aloud prior to applicants swearing or affirming the Oath(s) (during the in-person ceremony only).

4. Notary Application: Please complete both forms ensuring that the oath of office is signed and sealed by a Notary Public and signed by you as well. Society staff will forward your application to the Department of Justice after your call. Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing.

Please note that you cannot notarize documents until your application has been approved by the Department of Justice.

5. New Firm Registration: Please note that as of January 2, 2018, the Society’s regulations require that all new law firms (including sole practitioners) in Nova Scotia must be registered before practising law and delivering legal services.

New Firm Registration requires that the firm’s proposed Designated Lawyer – and other lawyers as appropriate – engage directly with Society staff about the nature of their practice, their business structure and management system, relevant practice standards, regulatory obligations (including trust accounting and client ID regulations, annual filing requirements, etc.) and more, depending on the unique requirements of the firm. The first step is to complete and submit a New Law Firm Registration form. Our Legal Services Support team is available to answer your questions. For guidance on your practice obligations and all aspects of practice management, please contact [email protected] or 902-422-1491.

6. Trust Accounts: As of January 1, 2019, any practising lawyer who has not previously operated a trust account or has not operated a trust account in the last three (3) years, must successfully complete the Trust Account Assessment before they are permitted to be added as a signatory to a trust account.

7. Online LRA Program: All lawyers who wish to practice property law in the Land Registry system must successfully complete the Online Land Registration Act Qualification Assessment . We offer the assessment several times throughout the year. You can find the assessment dates and registration details on our events page.

8. Guide for New Lawyers: The Society’s Guide for New Lawyers is a comprehensive overview of information and resources meant to assist you in navigating your regulatory obligations as a lawyer in Nova Scotia. Please contact us with any questions.

9. Administrative Fees/Practising Fees & Insurance: You are required to provide a lump sum payment of $404.80 no later than two weeks prior to your admission date. This figure includes a document filing fee for the Prothonotary, the notary application fee and the NSBS admission fee which grants applicants a practising lawyer category until the end of their month of Call. You can access your itemized invoice and make payment through the member portal. Other payment options are also available as outlined on our Fees Page. If you have questions related to fees you may contact our Finance Department at [email protected]


In order to maintain your practising status, fees for the remaining months of the fee year are required. (The fee year runs from July 1st to June 30th.) This invoice can also be accessed via the member portal. Payment must be received before your initial membership expires at the end of your call month.

If your employer is paying your fees on your behalf, you may download the invoice(s) to provide to them. (Note: It is a member’s responsibility to ensure their fees are paid by the due date, even if someone else is paying on their behalf.)

If you do not plan to practice upon your admission, you may wish to consider changing category to a non-practising status until you are ready to practise law. This would reduce the fees payable. Should you wish to change category, please contact the Education & Credentials Advisor at [email protected] or see the information on our website here.

You must be fully gowned (waistcoat, robe, wing collar shirt, tabs, black or dark grey trousers or skirt, black shoes) for your Call. Please note that the NSBS does not provide or rent gowns. If borrowing a gown, please ensure that you have not borrowed a KC gown. Gowns may be obtained within the HRM at Colwell’s (tel: 420-1222).