Annotated Civil Procedure Rules site to cease; Courts’ website to improve Rules functionality

In the year leading up to the introduction of a completely new set of civil procedure rules, the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society contracted with Lexum to develop an online, full-text, searchable version of the Rules

This publicly available website featuring the searchable text of the Rules, annotations, table of concordance, editable forms and educational notes was an important tool to complement the Society’s mandatory training transitioning lawyers to working with the new Rules.

In January 2012, Council approved a refocusing of the purpose and direction of Library & Information Services, moving away from a role as a publisher of legal information, as that service is already provided by CanLII, the Courts and various private publishing houses. The duplication of these services was deemed not an effective use of Society resources, in alignment with the Society’s strategic directions and priorities. The Society subsequently notified the membership of these changes in InForum and the Society Record.

The process of divesting the Society’s legal publication services has been ongoing since that date.

In August 2012, recognizing the value of the searchability and quick online access to the Rules, the Society renewed its hosting agreement with Lexum for the Nova Scotia Annotated Civil Procedure Rules. Society staff in Library & Information Services continued to maintain the site while seeking its transition to another information provider in the long term.

Library & Information Services staff are working with Lexum and CanLII to migrate the annotations, current to September 2013, now on the Nova Scotia Annotated Civil Procedure Rules onto CanLII Connects, the new platform aggregating online Canadian case law commentary. They are also working with the Courts to determine if other value-added content may be transferred to the Courts’ website. At the same time, the Courts are working to improve the functionality of the Rules currently provided on their site.

The Society will maintain the Nova Scotia Rules page on the Society website, providing quick access to key resources on the Courts’ website, as well as the table of concordance from the 1972 Rules to the new Rules.

We anticipate these changes will be implemented and the Nova Scotia Annotated Civil Procedure Rules taken down by the end of August 2015. See future issues of InForum for further updates.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback. For the Society, please contact Deborah Copeman, Librarian, at For the Courts, please contact John Piccolo, Director of Communications, at