Council and the Executive Director appoint committees. The Officers of the Society as well as two other members of Council constitute the Executive Committee, which has governance responsibilities between meetings of Council. The President is an ex officio member of all Society committees, task forces and working groups, with the exception of the Hearing Committee. Through its external liaison committees, the Society consults regularly with the provincial government and all levels of the Courts of Nova Scotia. Council appoints committees, task forces and working groups to address its governance responsibilities; the Executive Director appoints the liaison and other operational committees to assist in the work that has been assigned to the Executive Director. 

Current Committees list (pdf)

Committee Terms of Reference (pdf)

Regulatory Committees
Complaints Investigation Committee
Complaints Review Committee
Credentials Committee
Fitness to Practise Committee
Hearing Committee

Council Committees
Code of Professional Conduct Committee
Distinguished Service Award Committee
Executive Committee
Finance Committee
Gender Equity Committee
Governance and Nominating Committee
Lawyers’ Fund for Client Compensation Committee
Professional Responsibility Policies & Procedures Committee
Professional Standards (Criminal) Committee
Professional Standards (Family) Committee
Professional Standards (Law Office Management) Committee
Professional Standards (Real Estate) Committee
Racial Equity Committee

Legal Services Regulation Working Groups
Legal Services Regulation In-house & Government Lawyers Working Group
Legal Services Regulation Solo & Small Firm Working Group

Liaison Committees
Court of Appeal Liaison Committee
Family Court Liaison Committee
Provincial Court Liaison Committee
Service Nova Scotia Liaison Committee
Supreme Court Liaison Committee
Supreme Court Liaison Committee (Family) 

Operational Committees
Bar Examination Screeners 
Civil Procedure Rules Committee
Ethics Advisory Committee
Land Registration Act Management Committee
Real Estate Practice Working Group
Succession Planning Working Group

Appointments to Outside Bodies: see Committees List