About us

As the regulator of the legal profession, the Nova Scotia Barristers' Society protects the public interest in the practice of law. Learn more about the Society’s role and mandate in the section For the public

Council is the Society’s governing body and includes elected and appointed lawyers from across the province, as well as five public representatives. Council’s agendas, meeting highlights, policies, reports and other materials are accessible online. The Society also has more than 30 Committees; their terms of reference are on the website.   

All of the Society’s activities are guided by the Vision and Values statement and Strategic Framework. Current strategic directions are excellence in regulation and governance, and improving the administration of justice. Current strategic priorities are transforming regulation and governance in the public interest, and enhancing access to legal services and the justice system for all Nova Scotians. 

Statistics for the province's legal profession can be found in the Society's Statistical Snapshot, updated annually. Also find out more about the Society’s history and more than 200 years of regulation of the legal profession in Nova Scotia. See the news page and the Society’s publications for the most current updates.

Visit the Contact us page for the Society’s address and staff contact information.