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Access to Justice Action Plan
Approved by Council on February 19, 2014, the Access to Justice Action Plan supports the Society’s purpose to uphold and protect the public interest in the practice of law. It is also designed to assist the Society moving forward on these specific strategic initiatives for 2014-2015:
  • examine and approve regulatory changes to enhance access to legal services, and
  • advocate for enhanced access to legal services and to the justice system for equity-seeking and economically disadvantaged groups.
ITL Observership Program: The Nova Scotia Barrister’ Society is pleased to announce the initial results of its pilot Observership Program for legal workplaces and internationally trained lawyers (ITLs). See the Final Report, released in May 2014 with findings from the first year of the program. 
The Observership Program provides ITLs with a first-hand opportunity to learn about the legal profession in Canada and Nova Scotia. It is not intended to fill in any gaps that may exist in substantive legal knowledge, but rather to familiarize ITLs with legal workplaces and Canadian norms and expectations.
Participating legal workplaces benefit through exposure to new cultural perspectives and ideas, and connections to underserved communities and clients. Diversity in Canada is increasing and ITLs can provide much-needed insight into the cultural and legal expectations of our diverse population. With participation in the Observership Program, legal workplaces in Nova Scotia will be able to:
  • increase cultural competence,
  • explore new markets,
  • grow their networks and attract new clients, and
  • increase their profile within the legal community.
Practising lawyers please note, active participation in the Observership Program may also qualify toward the Society’s CPD Requirement.
Find out more about this program in the following posters, and please feel free to distribute them as well:
This document was created by the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society to provide background information relating to employment equity in Nova Scotia.

2014 Race and the Law Essay Prize
The Society’s sixth Race and the Law Essay Prize was awarded to Meaghan Mahadeo, for "What's in a name?: An Analysis of the Politics of Band Membership Codes in the Canadian Indigenous Quest for Self-Determination." Created to recognize and encourage outstanding scholarship focusing on issues of race and law, the award is presented annually by the Racial Equity Committee and sponsored by Stewart McKelvey.
Published in 2011, this booklet is for victims of sexual assault while also assisting other participants in the criminal justice system in becoming more sensitive to victims’ rights and needs. It was developed by the Equity Office and Gender Equity Committee, in collaboration with the Avalon Sexual Assault Centre.