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NS Department of Justice Interjurisdictional Support Orders (ISO) Update

The ISO Act is the NS provincial legislation used to establish, vary and enforce child and spousal support orders when one party lives in Nova Scotia and the other party lives in a reciprocating jurisdiction inside or outside Canada.  For more detailed information about ISO matters, visit

Proclamations update

No proclamations were published in the Royal Gazette, Part II since the last issue of InForum.

Proclamations are published in the Royal Gazette, Part II, which is issued every other week and is available by subscription. Unofficial copies of the Royal Gazette, Part II are available online through the Registry of Regulations website.

RESTORATIVE INQUIRY: Council of Parties releases second public report

The Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children Restorative Inquiry Council of Parties has released its second public report identifying three central issues as the focus of the inquiry's remaining work.

The inquiry will work with partners to address responses to institutionalized abuse, experiences of children and youth in care of the province, and the historic and ongoing impacts of systemic racism on African Nova Scotians.

New report: Commission on Effective Electoral Representation of Acadian and African Nova Scotians

The Commission on Effective Electoral Representation of Acadian and African Nova Scotians released its report on Thursday, January 11.

For details, see

Direct links to the report and recommendations:

Atlantic Premiers concentrate on cooperation

Atlantic Premiers are working together to grow the economy, create jobs, enhance oceans opportunities and modernize and harmonize regulations.

The 32nd meeting of the Council of Atlantic Premiers was held in Halifax on Dec. 11. Premiers also discussed ways to collaborate in developing the region's workforce, legalizing and regulating cannabis, and improving the climate for business growth by reducing red tape.

Nova Scotia Legislature launches renewed website

The Nova Scotia Legislature has a new, more accessible website:

The aim of the renewed website, launched Dec. 13, is to improve and expand access to information about the legislature and the work of members of the legislative assembly.

LABOUR/ADVANCED EDUCATION: New report on university campus sexual violence prevention

A report released December 15 provides 10 recommendations to help prevent sexual violence on Nova Scotia university campuses. The report, Changing the Culture of Acceptance, was developed by the Sexual Violence Prevention Committee.

"Sexual violence is not, and never has been acceptable on university campuses," said Dianne Taylor-Gearing, co-chair of the committee, president of NSCAD in Halifax and chair of the Council of Nova Scotia University Presidents.

JUSTICE: Fatality inquiry recommended into the deaths of Lionel Desmond and family

Dr. Matt Bowes, Nova Scotia's Chief Medical Examiner, has recommended an inquiry into the deaths of Lionel Desmond and his family under the Fatality Investigations Act.

"There have been many questions raised by the family and members of the community relating to how this tragedy could have happened and whether anything could have been done to prevent these deaths," said Dr. Bowes in a Dec. 28 announcement.

JUSTICE: Adult Capacity and Decision-making regulations approved

Regulations for the Adult Capacity and Decision-making Act were approved by Governor-in-Council on Dec. 14, in preparation for the act coming into force Dec. 28.

"All Nova Scotians have the legal right to make decisions where they have capacity," said Mark Furey, Attorney General and Minister of Justice. "The new act will soon be in place to ensure those rights for people with diminished decision-making capacity."

Provincial announcements

News releases from the provincial government are available at this link, and are searchable by department and date:

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