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Proclamations update

The following proclamations were published in the Royal Gazette, Part II since the last issue of InForum:

An Act to Amend Chapter 6 of the Acts of 1994-95, the Maintenance Enforcement Act, S.N.S. 2016, c. 24, s. 28 - s. 4, 13, 21 to the extent that S. 21 enacts clause 42A(1)(c) of the Maintenance Enforcement Act, 23, 24, 26(2) and 27

NS Gaz Pt 2, 04/13/2018

NS Reg 48/2018

New Queen’s Counsel appointments

The Society congratulates the following 14 lawyers – including one member of Council – on their new Queen's Counsel designations, announced April 3 by the Honourable Mark Furey, Minister of Justice and Attorney General:

Provincial announcements

News releases from the provincial government are available at this link, and are searchable by department and date:

The following announcements since the last edition of InForum may be of interest to the legal profession; see link above for all provincial releases:   

JUSTICE: Find all DOJ announcements at

NS Human Rights Commission introduces new online resources to prevent workplace sexual harassment

HumanRightsThe Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission has introduced new online resources to help employers address and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. Through its Safe Spaces Make Great Workplaces campaign, it is providing a free online short course, along with a template for a sexual harassment policy that can be adapted by organizations.

Proclamations update

The following proclamations were published in the Royal Gazette, Part II since the last issue of InForum:

An Act to Amend Chapter 1 of the Acts of 1994-95, the Environment Act, S.N.S. 2017, c. 10, s. 10
NS Gaz Pt 2, 03/02/2018
NS Reg 28/2018

Safe Body Art Act, S.N.S. 2011, c. 14, s. 36
NS Gaz Pt 2, 03/16/2018
NS Reg 38/2018

COMMUNITY SERVICES: Children and adults with disabilities to receive enhanced support at home

Children and adults with disabilities and their families who qualify for more support at home will receive it without having to wait.

Under the current program, Nova Scotians with disabilities who qualified for Enhanced Family Support were placed on a waitlist until funding became available, as the funding for this program was capped. As of today, Feb. 21, anyone who qualifies will receive the additional support they need.

SENIORS: Social Innovation Lab on Aging seeks participants

Government is seeking individuals with ideas and solutions from the private, public, not-for-profit and academic sectors to participate in a social innovation lab on aging.

NS GovLab will test policy, programs, service and process ideas related to the challenges and opportunities of an aging population.

PUBLIC PROSECUTION SERVICE/ENVIRONMENT: Government to hire Environment Prosecutor

Government will soon hire a prosecutor to focus on the environment.

"We want to ensure that companies and individuals are following the legislation in place to protect the environment and our health," Environment Minister Iain Rankin said in a February 14 announcement. "Having a dedicated prosecutor in place will help us to better hold people and companies accountable when they break the law.

"This prosecutor will focus on the kinds of breaches that put our rivers and streams, our fishery, our water supplies, our parks and protected areas and human health at risk."

JUSTICE: Body scanners purchased to protect inmates and staff

Body scanners will soon be used in adult correctional facilities across the province to help protect inmates and staff from drugs, weapons and other contraband.

"Safety and security within our correctional facilities is our top priority," Attorney General and Justice Minister Mark Furey said in a February 2 announcement. "These body scanners will enhance security, protect inmates and provide safer environments for our Correctional Services staff."

JUSTICE: Members named to the Accessibility Advisory Board

Twelve Nova Scotians will serve as the first members of the province's Accessibility Advisory Board.

"We are very pleased to be appointing such an experienced and diverse group of individuals to the Accessibility Advisory Board," Attorney General and Justice Minister Mark Furey said in a February 9 announcement.

"Many Nova Scotians face barriers that prevent them from fully participating in society. The board will be working to address these barriers and to help make the province an accessible place for all to live and work."


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