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The following media reports were published since the last edition of InForum:

Ontario Appeal Court upholds law society’s stand on Trinity Western University 
The Globe and Mail | Jun. 29, 2016

Ontario appeal court upholds law society rejection of TWU law school
by Yamri Taddese
Canadian Lawyer | 29 June 2016

Trinity Western University loses law-school appeal at Ontario's top court
THE CANADIAN PRESS | June 29, 2016

Trinity Western University appeal appears headed for Supreme Court
by Blair Rhodes
CBC News | June 29, 2016

Federal prosecutor unhappy about Lyle Howe's double-booking in court
By Blair Rhodes
CBC News | Jun 29, 2016

Lyle Howe wants to call 57 people to testify at his disciplinary hearing: Nova Scotia's Public Prosecution Service says it may oppose some subpoenas
By Blair Rhodes
CBC News | Jun 28, 2016

The Intolerance of Intolerance: The Outrageous Accusation That TWU’s School of Law Is Related To The Orlando Massacre
Canadian Council of Christian Charities | Jun. 28, 2016
Barry W. Bussey

Lyle Howe's ex-client tells hearing she felt abandoned by lawyer
CBC News | June 27, 2016

Religiously Inspired Hate is Still Hate
by Elaine Craig
Huffington Post | June 23, 2016

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  • Trinity Western Ruling Could Impact NS Case (June 30)
  • Regulator's Costs Soar For Lyle Howe Hearing (June 22)
  • Lawyers' New Watchdog Aims to Strike a Fine Balance (June 22)