Results of the 2017 At Large Election for Council

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Three Council members were elected on April 24 in the Society’s At Large Election, and will begin their two-year terms following the 2017 Annual Meeting on June 17.

Five candidates were vying for three Member at Large positions for the 2017-2019 Council term. The successful candidates were Cheryl A. Canning of Burchells LLP in Halifax; Tuma T. W. Young, Cape Breton University professor and sole practitioner affiliated with Patterson Law, Sydney; and Brian K. Awad of McInnes Cooper in Halifax.  


  • Cheryl A. Canning, Halifax – 360 votes (24%)
  • Tuma T. W. Young, LLM, Sydney – 358 votes (23%)
  • Brian K. Awad, Halifax – 323 votes (21%)
  • Krista Forbes, Halifax – 243 votes (16%)
  • J. Patrick L. Atherton, Dartmouth – 241 votes (16%)

All lawyers and non-practising members are eligible to run and vote for these positions. For more background on the At Large seats on Council, see

Voter turnout: A total of 687 members cast ballots in the At Large Election, or 22.94% of a possible 2,995 eligible voters. 

Role of Council
Council members ensure that the Society acts in the public interest and as a fair, visionary and respected regulator. Council requires committed lawyers who understand the responsibilities associated with self governance of an independent legal profession. A diversity of representation on Council plays an important role in setting and implementing the Society’s strategic direction and ensuring that the Society’s activities have a positive impact on the public’s interest in the Nova Scotia legal profession.  

The new Council will consist of 21 members: the three officers (Julia Cornish QC, President; Frank E. DeMont QC, First Vice-President; and Christa Brothers QC, Second Vice-President), 10 members elected and acclaimed in the judicial districts, three At Large members elected from the entire province, three public representatives, the representative of the Attorney General and the Dean of the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University.

Details of the Society’s election process are outlined in the Society’s Regulations 2.4 (District Elections), 2.5 (At Large Elections), and 2.6 (Second Vice-President Elections).

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