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Message from the President: NSBS Executive Director change in 2018

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Message from R. Daren Baxter QC, TEP, President, Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society

Dear Members,

On behalf of the Officers and Council of the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society, I want to let you know about a significant, impending change at the very core of the Society.

Our executive director, Darrel Pink, has decided that when his contract expires in January 2018, he will be leaving the Society. After 27 years at the helm, Darrel feels the time is right.

Through his work with his team here in Nova Scotia and with his peers across the country, Darrel has earned international recognition as a leader among law society directors. 

Darrel has lived and breathed his commitment to ensuring the highest quality of legal regulation, always in the public interest. He has helped transform our system of professional regulation into one of the most progressive in Canada.

Consider the values of the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society: commitment to excellence; fairness; respect; integrity; visionary leadership; diversity; and accountability. Central to the Society’s vision is to act in the public interest and “provide leadership, value and support to a competent, ethical, inclusive and engaged legal profession.”

Those values and that vision are embodied by Darrel’s work and his achievements, leaving a robust foundation for his successor to build upon.

We will soon begin recruiting a new executive director, who can be ready to hit the ground running by the start of next year. I will keep you informed as that process unfolds in the months ahead.

Darrel has established fairness and openness in our regulation as the rule, not the exception; a culture where it is now in the Society’s DNA to regulate in a manner that is risk focused, proactive, principled and proportionate.

While Darrel will leave an enduring legacy for us, he has not decided yet on anything specific for his next chapter. Whatever he decides, we know there will be many opportunities to share his expertise and leadership in many areas such as professional regulation, board governance and strategic planning.

For the duration of 2017, Darrel will continue to lead the implementation of Legal Services Regulation. With anticipated amendments to legislation and new processes to be developed, much work remains to be done by Council and staff in the months ahead. That will ensure the Society is well prepared for the next generation of senior leadership.


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R. Daren Baxter QC, TEP
President, Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society