Professional Responsibility
Notice of Destruction of Files re Allison Leroy Magee

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The Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society gives notice that by Order of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, client files from the former law practice of Allison Leroy Magee will be destroyed not later than February 28, 2017.

The Custodian appointed by the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society assumed responsibility for the practice in 2005 and completed the wind-down of the former practice of Allison Magee in 2010. Since that time, the majority of client files have been returned to clients or successor counsel. The Society now intends to proceed with destruction of the closed files that have remained unclaimed.

If you wish to recover your file, you must address by mail or by fax a signed written request to the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society within sixty (60) days from the date of publication of this notice and clearly indicate the following:

  • Your name, surname, address and telephone number where you can be reached.
  • The complete name of the file if it was opened under a different name than your own.
  • The date or the year of the opening of your client file.
  • A description of the nature of the mandate given to the lawyer.

Former clients of Allison Leroy Magee or persons affected by this Order may direct inquiries to:

Mr. John Rafferty QC
Burchell MacDougall
710 Prince Street
PO Box 1128
Truro, NS  B2N 5H1
Toll Free:  1 800 565 1200
Facsimile: 1 902 895 7709

On the sixtieth (60) day following the publication of the present notice, the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society will proceed with the destruction of the complete contents of client files that were taken from Mr. Magee’s law office.