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Society launches new Entity Regulation web portal and newsletter

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The Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society is in the process of building a new model of regulating legal services, in a manner that is risk-focused, proactive, principled and proportionate. The new approach is designed to be more responsive to a diverse and profoundly changing environment, to enhance the quality of legal services, to encourage ethical legal practice, to foster innovation in legal services and to increase access to justice.       

Visit the new Entity Regulation section of the website for ongoing information as the initiative progresses.

See how the emerging entity regulation framework is shaping up, with NSBS Regulatory Objectives and outcomes sought, 10 core elements for legal entities in establishing Management Systems for Ethical Legal Practice, and the Triple-P, risk-based approach at the heart of the new regulatory model.

Framework summary chart: Laying the foundation for entity regulation (pdf) 

For ongoing updates on the movement toward entity regulation in Nova Scotia and elsewhere:

Resources: The reports & resources section includes research and progress reports from the Society and its project consultants, reports from other organizations, and relevant links to other online resources. For detailed explanations of specific components of entity regulation, visit the FAQs and glossary of terms.

Project governance: Leading this initiative are the Society’s Entity Regulation Steering Committee, Communications & Engagement Working Group, Legislation & Regulation Working Group and Regulation & Risk Working Group, with its Solo & Small Firm Subcommittee

The Steering Committee serves as a bridge between Society staff, Council and the Entity Regulation Working Groups. Chaired by Past President Tilly Pillay QC, its members also include Chairs of each working group; NSBS Executive Director Darrel PinkVictoria Rees, NSBS Director, Professional Responsibility; Sir Graham Day QC, Counsel, Stewart McKelvey; Don Thompson QC, Executive Director, Law Society of Alberta; and Andrew Garbutt, Independent Risk and Regulation Consultant and former Director for Risk, Solicitors’ Regulation Authority of England and Wales. 

Consultation: The Society continues to consult widely with the legal profession and other stakeholders in creating a truly ‘made-in-Nova Scotia’ solution. See a list of ongoing and upcoming consultation sessions and other engagement opportunities. Please contact us with your questions, feedback and examples of innovative legal practice in Nova Scotia.