MSELP self-assessment pilot project

Responding to the requirement that all legal entities have a Management System for Ethical Legal Practice (MSELP), a Draft MSELP Self-Assessment Tool was approved by Council on March 24, 2016. Additional work was undertaken to develop an “MSELP Workbook” to assist lawyers – particularly those in smaller practices – to assess their MSELPs.

From September 2016, a Pilot Project is underway to test these tools and enhance them further based on feedback from a randomized, geographically proportionate sample of 50 law firms and lawyers in private practice across the province.

The draft MSELP self-assessment tools result from an extensive consultation process with lawyers and input from the Society’s working groups and committees. For example:

  • The Legal Services Regulation Solo and Small Firm Working Group developed a format with similar content that incorporates a workbook approach for internal assessment.
  • The Racial Equity Committee (REC) and Gender Equity Committee (GEC) recommended incorporation of the specific element on diversity, inclusion and substantive equality.  

The Solo and Small Firm Working Group continues to advise the Pilot Project to ensure that the self-assessment tools and process reflect the realities and considerations of smaller practices.

Further, the In-house and Government Lawyers Working Group is undertaking a review of the draft tools with a view to shaping a self-assessment process that reflects the unique circumstances of corporate and government lawyers. Once developed, those tools will also undergo a testing process.

In Spring 2017, the results from the project will be presented to Council. Project updates will be published regularly in the Legal services regulation news area of the website.

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