Legal Services Regulation Legislation and Regulation Working Group

Legal Services Regulation Committees & Working Groups


The Legislation and Regulation Working Group provides guidance and assists with development of an appropriate legislative and regulatory framework to support the risk-focused, proactive, principled and proportional legal services regulation framework.


  • Provide regular status reports to the Steering Committee describing the progress for analysis and development of the legislative and regulatory framework as per the project plan
  • Identify for the Steering Committee those matters on which it and Council must make decisions and provide information to enable them to make informed decisions
  • Review the approved Regulatory Objectives, and make recommendations for completion of the commentary sections
  • Make recommendations respecting the regulatory outcomes associated with the Regulatory Objectives
  • Create an ‘as is’ legislation and regulation inventory with regard to entity regulation, followed by a ‘to be’ inventory of authority needed to support the entity regulation framework
  • Liaise with and receive reports from other working groups and subcommittees as needed
  • In concert with other working groups, identify areas for legislative and regulatory changes, prepare drafting instructions for legislation and revised regulations to support the approved legal services regulation framework