Powerful Witness Preparation

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Thursday, October 26, 2017 - 02:00
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Seminar Partners

Your witnesses are not ready to testify until you make them ready! Ethical and effective witness preparation will not change the facts, but it can define the way those facts are delivered.

Whether you’ve prepared hundreds of witnesses or are still feeling your way through the process, you can learn how to make your witness a powerful, compelling communicator and improve your witness preparation skills. Let acclaimed trial lawyer and advocacy teacher Dan Small lead you through the essentials of witness preparation, from a step-by-step method to prepare your witnesses to solutions to level the playing field when you don’t have the advantage.

You’ll learn how to teach your clients the key principles of testifying, and how to give your clients, your witnesses and yourself the confidence you need for trial. Small’s objective is to rapidly increase your learning curve, while minimizing the problems caused by inadequate or improper witness preparation. His tips, tactics, and techniques will help transform your witnesses into key assets and make you a stronger advocate.